it's an expression

i love how robert ashley removes this in real-time from his monologue. it's beautiful. the cuts. but like noticing this in a conversation. a second layer of editing in your mind like what T was saying she is working on. i will send her a txt message about this later. i suppose this is a reminder 🔔

it's a practice of removing. removing the "of" the "a" the "be." even the expression.

but i've noticed when i let the expression be, it's understood and there's less work

when i say... it's an expression. doing the thing, the expression. mirroring the expression. merging the expression.

i don't really know what i mean. i just like the phrase. like a phrase.

i think i just want to practice removing

but also the mirroring is interesting. like mirroring an expression

have a nice flight

it's so nice

and also cool how that happended. the book was like don't fucking say anything haha. i love that. it's crazy. it's just humor. like a joke. but the most sympathetic joke. nothing wrong, just playing with you. it's sweet

the cars in the rain look better. i've always thought that

the lady has a thousand typos in the Word document. but i wonder if it's just a language that the software doesn't understand. i love the red underlines. like a drawing field. oh right and i'd like to look at that robert morris piece (box with the sound of its own making) again. people hate on that work but it's so good. another suggestion from T.