sitting in the sun in a park

smoke over the tails

two heights / leaning into one another / a coffee / a life

the smoke starts very white and for an instant it is covering them

but the layer changes quickly \ the hatching takes over \ the hatching is dense but it's more the shadows and the water layer that is almost indistinguishable from the sticks

extinguished by the smoke

because the smoke comes in phases / when it's least expected / at the end / when its forgotten / because otherwise they would be too high / or i would be

between forgets

it's a layer

and the path is also a layer

her voice sounded exactly the same. the way she said, "yeah, really"

it's a romance / but less so now

"hmm nice background. now you don't need a background"

the way she's holding her phone / the balance / it's a romance

out to the world instead of in toward the face

a face turned out

outside. outside facing?

thank you for sharing this bench. thank you for sharing this life

a disposition. an anxiety light