there are many ways of writing your name

there are many trains

an exit is useful / nothing is more important than the schedule / a time table for / the button was / a curve in the plastic just enough for your my hand / romance / arrow and cone / when are you returning home / how long will you be away / how many stops left / romance / a curve / mind / mind / the curve of the paneling / and the seat / a direction / trees planted / logic or road / paddling / a voice in the mouse / carry on / carry my bike / carry the sign / a B. with the dot dropped / with water / salt / close to the mountain or the ocean today? / more birds / auto with tire / folding down the bed / to categorize / the hard drives thousands of miles / a romance

feet on laptop

Your second task in this time of increase is to go on strengthening yourself "as thunder and wind strengthen each other." This means that if you see something good in another, you imitate it, and when you discover something inferior in yourself, you eliminate it.


i saw this red car

red car chasing train red car chasing train