/the bridge

the bridge between R.Net and the rest of the world

coffee was nice. the path of peoples lives and bay area bay area is a pin dropped in the long sea. produce. and fresh fish. berkeley bowl. strange to talk about such a place in another country. insider bay area. bay area hidden agenda lol. we are actually just on bart, catching it at 12th st or the sunday farmers market at ashby and the time Kat's brother Fred enlisted us to video Mario walking from his apartment in lake merritt to the berkeley hills. and running up the hill to catch him on the other side. the perfect combination of movement, performance, and video. a life in motion. a pin dropped deep in the inner mind. a portal opened now closed. and writing on the train is like life. a feeling. like the beach in the hague. like water. to do a thing. to be a thing. what is this thing. this tunnel is new. it's a new track. oh actually i remember this tunnel. to the airport. it's nice how everything travels through the airport. there's always potential for a last minute flight. buying a ticket at the counter. like a movie. a movie. i still want to make the movie.